Sponsor Simba

Simba's owner, a 57 year old man died unexpectedly.  His fiancé cannot care for both of her best friends best friend.  Simba is a 7 year old neutered full blooded Chow Chow. If you know the breed they can be stubborn and he can be vocal but he is never aggressive.  Simba's new family must have a home with a human that can be in charge.

We are processing Simba to see if he will fit into our program.  WE WILL BE LOOKING TO PLACE SIMBA WITHIN A ONE HOUR DRIVE FROM WASHINGTON DC.  If you have interest in meeting the magnificent Chow Here is Simba's Webpage


Look below where it says Click here to Adopt to complete an application

All donations made on the link above are directed to the care and re-homing of Simba.  These funds will be used for no other purpose until Simba is safe in his new home. 

Any excess donations received not used by Simba will cover the cost of other animals lined up and waiting to get some place safe.
 Simba thanks you.
$  50.00 Wendy S
$  20.00 Mary D
$100.00 Stacie C

$1700.00 TO-DATE
Simba will require medical care prior to placing him in a new home. HE IS A BEAST at 100 pounds we will need help feeding him. We sill keep him safe and warm. We will help him grieve the loss of his man. We will try to establish a bond with him to help him recover. We will screen new lifetime families. When he is ready and her perfect lifetime family is found we will be sad to say goodbye and happy we could help.
ALL WE NEED IS DONATIONS TO COVER HIS EXPENSES and all the other animals lined up at our door waiting to get in. Some we just cannot commit to take in because we cannot cover the required medical cost.

All you have to do is send something.
Please Hal and Simba