Pick-up YouR Poop

Why should you Pickup YouR Poop, your dog your poop?

Before you decide to make a life time commitment to a dog, make sure you understand your dog’s poop is your responsibility.

This page was created to promote a very important aspect of the responsibility of dog ownership, your dog’s poop. If you are a responsible dog owner poop is very important. Dog poop is a window into your dog’s health. Often if your dog is sick their poop will not be normal. What is normal depends on your dog. In order to know what is normal you should observe every poop. This is the only way you can see normal changes day to day. A dog’s poop should be well formed and firm. Too hard or too soft is not good. Diet can substantially change how much poop and the constancy. Raw fed dogs have small tightly formed poops, there is very little filler, grains like, corn, wheat, brown rice, oats, barley, which add more to roughage and not so much to nutrition. Commercially prepared food will produce more waste and poop will look more like commonly recognized result. [Another thing to consider is size, the larger the dog the more to pickup.]   Obviously if you see anything bloody or slimy, or any abnormal conditions that continue for extended periods you should seek medical attention.


Now no matter if your dog uses your fenced yard or you are in public you should pickup poop immediately. Dog poop is a vector for disease, it carries parasites, and no want wants to step in your dog’s poop, in their yard, along the sidewalk, down the hiking or jogging trail, in any public area, or even enjoying nature in the middle of the forest. In many areas of the country there are predator animals like foxes and coyotes are attracted to eat dog poop especially if there are lots of good filler to eat. Failure to pickup poop from around your house can result in attracting these predators to your yard and they may be more interested in your companions.

Home At Last Sanctuary (HALS) has developed this program to help promote the responsibly handling of poop. We have a Pickup Your Poop h