Home At Last Sanctuary Adoption and Education Events

A monthly lease of a 3700 square foot warehouse space has been donated to Home At Last Sanctuary Inc. (HALS).  HALS will use the space to hold weekend adoption events on weekends as we strive to find loving forever homes for our rescue pets! This space is located on Oakmont Center on Oakmont Avenue in Gaithersburg, MD. We plan to hold events one weekend per month, both on Saturdays and Sundays. 

HALS will divide up this space with fenced in areas and invite 5 local rescue groups to host  multi-rescue group adoption events.  Each group will have a space they can fix up  comfortably to allow prospective adopters to come meet adoptable dogs.  

We will also have educational programs so that we can teach the visitors--especially children--how to greet dogs.  We will also provide instructions for first time dog owners and a program to train volunteer foster families.

Please find it in your heart to contribute to this warehouse space, as we need extra funds to get the program up and running. Any donation amount is needed and greatly appreciated!


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All of the donation methods above charge fees 2.5% or more. The best way to donate is to mail you check to:

Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc.
11140 Rockville Pike #100-338
Rockville MD 20852
We still need sponsors, volunteers and donations to open.
In an effort to find better ways for rescue groups show dogs in more friendly enviroment. and for prospective adopters to see available dogs from many groups at one time, HALS Adoption and Education Event Center will provide an envirnment