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Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc. (HALS) is a registered 501(3)c public charity promoting the responsible stewardship of all domestic animals.  We believe when people put together two animals and make new life the person is responsible for that life.  We are not involved in wildlife issues.  Wildlife is an issue of survival of the fittest.  We do have compassion for animals while their homes and living spaces have been taken over by people.  We just draw the line at domestic animals.  Please treat all life as you want your life treated.  Every living thing deserves rights to life and not be harmed at the hand of another

We offer assistance in rehoming all types of domestic animals.   We are more directly involved in the rehoming of dogs, cats and other small pets.   HALS core focus is taking in homeless animals into foster homes.  Dealing with medical and behavioral issues.   They stay in foster homes where they are reminded LOVE.  We start on their body.  They get good food, and healthy supplements tailored for their age and condition.  They get daily exercise.  They receive any necessary medical care.  They are exposed to everything possible so they reactions can be observed and reported to HALS.   HALS then updates the description to better describe the dog them so adopters can determine if they are a match for their family.   We advertise our available animals on our websites and on more than 200 animal search engines.  We have a through screening process that has a two part application.  Once an adopter is approved we take every dog or cat we place to the adoptive home for a home visit and meet and greet.  We meet all people and animals that reside in the home. This is the first step in a successful transition to new home.  When they return for the adoption the place is familiar.

We have established these programs:

OWNER SURRENDER:  We take in any animal we have a foster home to care for.  Owners contact us when they are unable or unwilling to care for their animal.  We require complete history of animal and complete medical records.  We review all information to determine if we have the ability to help.  An online Owner Surrender (click here) form is completed.  All information is reviewed and we meet the animal.  If we are able to help we take in animal until it finds a new home.

TRANSPORT SERVICES:     We offer transportation services locally and up to about three hours from us.  These services are offered at no cost, (except an optional donation to help defer cost) to all 501(3) c public charities.  We can take foster dogs to veterinarian appointments, to adoption events.  We can meet transport and drive the final mile to rescue groups and their foster homes or veterinarians.  We can transport up to 10 or 12 dogs and or cats at a time.

OVERNIGHT SERVICES: We can take in dogs and keep them overnight or a few nights before moving on to final destination.

TEMPORARY SANCTUARY:  We can take in animals for people temporally unable to care for their animal.  This can be a battered person in a shelter.  This could be a person in rehabilitation or temporary living for a medical condition.  This could be a person with nowhere else to go if they need to be with their animal and sleeping in a car or tent.  This service has limits.  Generally the animal must be reunited within 90 or 180 days or less. Owner is responsible for actual expenses while in our care.  They must be reunited by date or it becomes an automatic surrender.  We then find a new home for the animal.

Home At Last Sanctuary Adoption and Educational Center is currently homeless.

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A new way for rescues to show and a new way for public to meet a companion animals

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This website is about HELP. Help us help you help more animals.

We will:
Help create coalition to bring together all groups, shelters, transporters by offering a central resources.  United we stand able to do more, to save more. Let us help you.

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How can YOU HELP?  Volunteer, adopt a homeless animal, SPREAD THE WORD; "Spay or neuter your companion animal, do not buy dogs that are products of puppy mills or irresponsible breeders, research the right breed / companion animal for your family", Donate; Startup cost are soaring please donate. Click on the DONATE button
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Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc. is not in a position to take owner surrenders, stray, or lost dogs at this time.  We are looking for cash and or property donations in order to open sanctuary.  Check back in the future. Thank you

While we are getting up and running your contributions are going to be absolutely necessary. 
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